Buzzards Bay: Cape Cod’s Most Misunderstood Town

There are plenty of places to see on Cape Cod, but where are the best places to see on Cape Cod? If you like driving, you’re in luck, because the best sightseeing on Cape Cod is spread out through all of the towns, not just in any one town.

Cape Cod’s Most Misunderstood Town

Cape Cod features a stunning quantity of cities for a comparatively tiny space of land. Every settlement and village is exclusive in their own approach, and that they owe a lot of their distinctive qualities to many years of modification. Numerous totally different varieties of individuals have settled down within the cape, one city may bear many demographic changes inside 0.5 a century. There are vacation rentals in nearly each city, village and hamlet on the island, however some places are somewhat a lot of popular tourists. Some people select wherever they keep in Cape Cod by observing the encircling attractions, and others select wherever they’d prefer to keep by crucial wherever they do not need to explore. The name of a city may be enough to show away some tourists, and sadly there’s one stunning space of the cape that appears to be neglected due to its distinctive name.

Buzzards Bay

Buzzards Bay may be a settlement with a population of but 4,000 that is placed on scenic sachem Beach. It’s one in every of the few communities in Barnstable County that’s placed north of the Cape Cod canal, and it’s tiny size and relative seclusion build this the proper very little vacation city. Despite its several positive qualities some individuals refuse to go to bay due to the name, or as a result of the suppose that the city has an abundance of buzzards and vultures. Tourists who were afraid far away from the quaint vacation city due to its name have many slightly confused 17th century explorers in charge.


What we currently understand as Buzzards Bay accustomed is Wampanoag territory, and once Europeans settled the realm in 1621 there was substantial confusion attributable to the culture clash. Although there are many turkey vultures within the space, it’s totally seemingly that the “buzzards” the Europeans named the realm when were really ospreys. Some people suppose that the Europeans confused the 2 Native yank words “osprey” and “buzzard” for each other, others suppose that there was simply a strangely high quantity of turkey vultures within the space once the European settlers arrived.

The name of the city does not replicate its true nature, however if you were to call the city by exploitation the names of native animals “Dolphin Bay” or “Sea Turtle Bay” is also higher fits. Bay is home to the National Marine Life Center, an oversized United States marine creature hospital and science education center. Vacationers who visit the city will not be seeing too several vultures, however if they visit the middle they will be able to see and find out about the big range of marine life that calls the cape home.

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